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Fire Code: Money Maker or Life Saver?

What is the use of a fire code? Is it just another layer of bureaucracy? Is it just a way to line your city’s coffers? Or is it the key to fire safety and the protection of your property?

The Ontario Fire Code has evolved since its first edition published in 1963. The code marked a collaborative and organized effort to address fire safety in the province of Ontario. Previous to its inception each town would have had its own guidelines. In areas of overlap this could be very confusing and conflicting requirements could lead to costly frustrations for property owners.

The Ontario Fire Code (OFC) is designed to protect both the individual (resident, attendee, etc.) and the collective (building owner, neighbour, etc.) and has undergone many additions and revisions since 1963. For example, recently a new addendum was made in relation to Escape Rooms – the recreational activity of adventure seekers willingly being locked in a room and then solving puzzles to escape their confinement.

The OFC strives to address many different and complex situations and to provide minimum requirements to ensure the public’s fire safety. The result is a code that is complicated to apply and often confusing to the layperson.

City Fire Safety Inspectors can provide some guidance but are not consultants (due to liability issues), they are strictly mandated to enforce the fire code. This can result in violation notices and fines. As the OFC is open to some interpretation property owners and managers can find themselves issued a violation notice that doesn’t fully reflect their property use.

Unified Fire Protection (UFP) Consultants believe strongly in the value of the OFC. We have studied the code in depth and have years of experience enforcing the code. Our commitment to helping property owners/managers understand the code and which areas apply to them is central to our consulting.

UFP Consultants will review your property and walk you through potential code violations and effective ways to meet the requirement in a cost-effective way.

Not using an OFC consultant is an excellent way to help your town line their coffers!

We look forward to booking your onsite consultation!

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