Who's in the 'Know'?

Why do I need a fire code consultant when I can just call my local fire department and ask for clarification? Good question! Why pay for a service when you can get it for free…. well, not actually free. Fire safety inspectors are extensively trained in understanding and applying the code. Whereas Firefighters have limited experience with the code as their training centres around the suppression of fires and first response. Calling and speaking to a local firefighter will not

Fire Code: Money Maker or Life Saver?

What is the use of a fire code? Is it just another layer of bureaucracy? Is it just a way to line your city’s coffers? Or is it the key to fire safety and the protection of your property? The Ontario Fire Code has evolved since its first edition published in 1963. The code marked a collaborative and organized effort to address fire safety in the province of Ontario. Previous to its inception each town would have had its own guidelines. In areas of overlap this could be very